Business Solutions

Solution Street delivers technologically advanced solutions that solve our customer’s business problems, automate and optimize their business processes, and address their strategic goals. This is all part of our Digital Transformation Services. Our success comes from a partnership with your company’s business and IT staff - together we can apply innovative approaches to solve any challenge!

Social Collaboration

Solution Street worked with Deltek to develop a new Deltek customer offering to boost productivity through social collaboration making an organization more efficient, agile, and successful. Kona is the virtual equivalent of an open office environment. Employees are more connected while sharing ideas more freely. Innovating and solving more problems quickly. Reducing useless meetings. Optimizing brainstorming. Simplifying file sharing. Keeping everyone informed – and engaged.

Big Data

Big data has sparked a revolution in how corporations conduct research and acquire customers, how law enforcement finds criminals, and how scientist research and find cures among a myriad of other impacts. Big data has introduced efficiencies, speed, and honed strategies while automating case management in the practice of law. Solution Street has developed Big data tools which allow lawyers to process the hundreds of thousands of documents associated with litigation, automate coding of documents, speed case analysis and strategy development, and produce analytical and graphical data to make the case.

Risk Management

Unprecedented international regulatory changes and obligations characterize the world in which companies do business today. To be effective, C-level executives must have a constant view in to their organization’s performance and risk. Solution Street developed a system which equips Compliance Officers with the tools to maintain and rate their performance against their organization’s compliance obligations – and deliver the guidance corporate leaders need.

Royalty Management

Together with SoundExchange, we are streamlining the process for musicians and right owners in viewing and accessing their digital music payment and rights management data and maintaining their customer account. Ultimately, Musicians and right owners will access up to date usage and earnings data on their repertoire enabling better business decision all through an online Portal. Reliance on emailed PDF statements will be a thing of the past.

Customer Acquisition, Workflow, and Document Management

Solution Street worked with a leading Internet Domain Registrar to move a multi-week manual, paper driven process, to a 1 day automated solution integrated with Salesforce. The system is fully automated including customer self-service and electronic signatures. Not only are the customers happy – but costs were reduced and historical documentation was moved in to the new streamlined system.

Franchise Management

As the Franchise Business continues to outpace growth in other business sectors, it is essential that franchise leaders keep pace with technology and platforms both in managing their franchisees and in the tools and capabilities they provide them. Solution Street assisted one of America’s top 20 global franchises with new, multi-platform capabilities for onboarding, monitoring, management, billing and reporting. A 20-year-old system has been replaced with a solution that introduced increased reliability and speed - supporting continued success and growth.

Social Media Analytics & Integration

For a social media marketing company, Solution Street built an enterprise level social media analytics system that brings together hundreds of metrics from multiple data sources, allowing in-depth analysis of social media marketing performance and ROI. Sources include Twitter, Google™, YouTube™, Facebook®, and more. When social media is mission critical, these sophisticated measurements facilitate data driven decisions for marketing investment.

Task and Resource Management - Operational Management

Managing tasks through their lifecycle, tracking and ensuring delivery, and, optimizing and allocating resources are essential to basic organizational management. These tools are also essential underpinnings to Management Operating Systems (MOS) fundamental to the overall successful operations of a business. Solution Street has developed and integrated these tools for businesses including an Internet registry, an operations management consultant, and business solutions software provider.

Regardless of your size, we can help you; our experts have worked with all kinds of companies from Startups to Fortune 500 companies.

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